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I love to catch your eyes

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Pearl Of Wisdom

The barn owl symbolizes knowledge and intuitive insight. Her large eyes and pupils can see super sharp in the dark and she oversees and sees through everything.

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Ubuntu is a humanistic philosophy from South Africa, a wisdom often cited by Nelson Mandela, freely translated it means, "I am because WE are and that we are all connected.

For this series, I went on a virtual journey with my brushes. The focus is on so many wonderful, different people living together in one world.

In the ‘I’ world we live in now, I think it is important to keep seeing how beautiful ‘WE’ are.

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Open and exposed

With this series of paintings, I am responding to the major social changes we have faced. Many of our habits and certainties have disappeared because of the 'virus' and that feels 'exposed' to me. But at the same time, this also leaves us 'open' again to new paths, possibilities and challenges....

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Life flies by us quickly. We more often look ahead to what is to come than enjoy what is now. My series ROSE ON is about that. All the paintings in this collection share the multifaceted colors of rust. Rust represents the aging processes, which contrary to what people often think, can be very beautiful. Each painting in this series contains a combination of the elements of impermanence and beauty.


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Letter to the Future

With this series, I am bringing special people back into the spotlight. People who have fought for good in the past, or who have become a symbol of what should never happen again. Unfortunately, violent events from the past do not really stick. Time and again we are confronted with the dramatic consequences of genocide, racism, famine and wars.

Even though time is yellowing, this series of paintings is a message to the future with the knowledge of the past....