De Boer

Letter to the Future

The farmer, like so many others over the centuries, has never had it easy. Hardworking families who, with love for their land and animals, work day and night to get our potatoes, onions, milk, meat, etc. to our plates on time. Plagued by weather, climate, market prices and regulations, they try to harvest the best they can. By the last election, it is pretty clear that the Netherlands will remain a nation of agriculture and livestock. I hope those who take the helm will get the big picture right for all of the Netherlands and not shy away from looking across borders....

This farmer reflects on his history and looks to the future....what will it bring us and what can we do about it together?

I painted this farmer over photographs, letters and original documents of farms from Groningen to Zeeland.


160 cm x 140 cm


Oil paint, inks and paper on linen