The collection of paintings ‘TRANSIENCE’  is about the hustle and bustle of these times when we hold all the signs high. Who doesn't recognize that? The hustle and bustle of every day with all the choices.

In the painting FOCUS, I depicted the hectic by pasting a jumble of clippings from the Financieel Dagblad, the penal code, the art newspaper and a philosophy magazine onto my linen canvas. This diversity of information so palpably indicates what is constantly flying through your mind. The financial issues, the rules we "must" abide by, the aesthetic side of life and then also wanting to know everything about our "I. Meanwhile, I was still looking for a model to complete my story. During a coffee break in front of my studio, our delivery man Donovan walked by. I shot up and ran after him... Not much later I had my model. The painting turned out exactly as I envisioned. And when I was almost finished, the painting gave me the title. Near his right eye is an article with the word "FOCUS.


180 x 160 cm


Oil paint with newspapers and mixed media