Peter R de Vries


Letter to the Future

Peter lived his life fearlessly, tenaciously, decisively and in his "own way.

Respected by some, reviled by others. He did so much, stuck his neck out so often, helped so many people, from a push to lifechanging moments. For me, he was the rock, the wonderful father of our children and my indispensable soulmate. I wanted to portray him in my painting as I still see him before me, in the midst of his legacy.

I gave the painting to our wonderful children Kelly and Royce.

The painting will be on display at Museum Beeld en Geluid in The Hague from May 4, 2023 to May 4, 2024. There, copies and maps of the painting are for sale. The proceeds of these copies and cards will go entirely to the Peter R de Vries Foundation.


160 cm x 180 cm


Oil paint on paper and newspapers