Rosa Parks

Letter to the Future

In the series "A Letter to the Future," Rosa Parks is certainly not to be missed. With this series I bring special people to the attention again. People, who in the past have fought for good, or who have become a symbol of what should never happen again. Unfortunately, violent events from the past do not endure. Time and again we are confronted with the dramatic consequences of genocide, racism, famine and wars.

Even though time is yellowing, this series of paintings is a message to the future with the knowledge of the past....

It has been 68 years since American Rosa Parks (1913-2005) refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. She became an important symbol in the fight against racism, and is still a role model for young women today.

"A girl should be able to be who and what she wants....."

The gold underlayers over which I painted Rosa with oil paint were so smooth and quirky that my brushes slipped over them. So I painted Rosa entirely with my fingers. It was wonderful to do. It made me even closer to my character and allowed me to paint even better from my feelings.


140 cm x 160 cm


Oil paint on linen