The Only Boy Living in New York

The Only Boy Living in New York


My collection UBUNTU is inspired by the philosophy of Nelson Mandela. The South African wisdom that we are all connected: WE are more than I am.

For this series, I went on a journey with my brushes. The focus is on so many beautiful, different people living together in one world. In the 'I' era we live in now, I think it is important to show how beautiful WE are

In this series, the major world cities cannot be left out. I made life in these cities, where life goes on 24/7, visible by painting a contemporary man over The New York Times and The Financial Times. The jumble of lines represents the continuous influence of all media on daily life. A "nice" man of our time feels fine in this. My son modeled for this painting.

‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ (Simon & Garfunkel) 


175 cm x 195 cm including corten steel frame.


Oil Painting and Mixed Media